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Navigators Wanted

Ember Wells
Ember Wells


At precisely 0662 UGT, the SPA received a mysterious transmission, believed to be from the long-lost Galactic Enterprise Ship (GES) Barboa, under the command of the legendary Captain Devlin Carrick. This puzzling message originates from deep within the Oort Cloud, far beyond the confines of the Kuiper belt.

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We call upon skilled and daring pilots within range to undertake this peculiar mission, investigating and providing aid if necessary. Be warned, this journey is fraught with danger, and only those with iron will and unwavering courage should answer the call. The military and the Tribunal, including mobile solar fleets, stand ready to offer support once more information is obtained.

Solar Cipher-Ops (SCO) also invites talented amateur cryptographers to join in deciphering the multitude of signals that we‘re continuing to receive from this location. To be included in our launch list, be sure to enter your electronic mail identification address above.

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Due to their expected contribution to this mission, the Solar Planetary Alliance is granting certain factions immediate whitelist and priority access. To avoid the certain distress of deep space, collaboration between faction groups is crucial. Additional factions may apply for approval.




The mysterious signal beckons from the uncharted reaches of space. As we stand on the brink of a pivotal discovery, your engagement is crucial. Mint your ship and prepare to delve into the unknown. Engage with fellow pilots in our Discord, test your skills in the demo, and stay alert for Solar launch command.

Data Supplement

Initial assessments indicate that the distress signal may have been sent by Captain Devlin Carrick of the SPA Barboa. Captain Carrick was last heard from in 2246 when his ship's communication array ceased transmitting.

Here are the latest available images and information regarding Captain Carrick and his crew. Approach the distress call with caution and gather all pertinent information before taking action.

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In light of the hazardous circumstances, it is required that each approved craft be equipped with a swift Reconnaissance Orbiter. This drone will shadow each vessel toward the transmission coordinates, providing visual documentation of any peculiar occurrences..

Be advised, this is an ongoing investigation. Exercise extreme caution and maintain open communication with headquarters at all times.



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Fleet Condition

We have experienced a significant increase in spacecraft repair requests and a subsequent decline in hangar capacity. If your Sequence identifier is verified, expect clearance from the hangar in roughly two rotation for repairs. As we gather information on the signal, ship upgrades are being performed to endure the journey and a new fleet is imminent.

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